My views on Teleconferencing

My Views On Teleconferencing

My views on Teleconferencing

My views on Teleconferencing

Today internet has opened many business opportunities to people across the world as a business today is global, which has helped many people to work from their home and run a successful business. I feel that an effective communication medium can help such business grow well and establish themselves well. There are many communication mediums available today, but in my view the most popular one is teleconferencing, which helps the business community to interact with their clients, customers, or employees effectively. It has helped business establishments along with educational institutions by providing them with the facility of distance education which is helpful for many students.

It assists in linking two or more people from different location to have a fruitful conversation either face-to-face or through audio, exchange documents effectively. In my opinion, Teleconferencing increases the results in an efficient manner that will result in profits with only a limited amount of resources. It assists in easy communication along with relaying information to a number of people at one go which can be useful in many sectors like

(a) Education

(b) Business

(c) Medicine

According to me, the most important feature of teleconferencing is the different options it provides which will encompass all the needs of every sector and the different types are

(a) Video Teleconferencing, which uses live videos while teleconferencing takes place.

(b) Audio teleconferencing which is just like calling a phone,but more members are present during the call.

(c) Web teleconferencing that is in distance education learning by the educational institution.

(d) Audio-graphics teleconferencing that enables to transmit visual information like the graphics, alphanumeric and videos.

My thoughts are in favor of teleconferencing being the best communication tool that the users can select according to their requirements for the effective communication. Hope you find the post relevant.


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